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What We Do

How can we help?

The Fort St. John Child Development Centre (CDC) has a collage of services and programs that we offer to children with special and typical needs and their families. We provide a family-centered approach, treating families with dignity and respect, while recognizing individual and cultural differences. Our team encourages and fully supports family participation in developing goals and programs for their children. The programs and services we offer are listed below; please click on program name to see a full description of the program and how to begin to access that service.

Reasons to contact us could include:

  • Your baby was born prematurely
  • Your baby is not doing what other babies his/her age are doing
  • Your baby feels very “stiff” or “floppy”
  • Your baby doesn’t make sounds or respond to sounds during his/her first year
  • Your child has no real words at age 2
  • Your child is not combining words by age 3
  • Your child “doesn’t listen” or has trouble following directions compared with other his/her age
  • Your child’s speech at 4 years of age is not understood most of the time by strangers
  • Your child is accident-prone
  • Your child is not interested in people
  • Your child has a hard time playing with other children
  • Your child gets upset with minor changes in routine
  • Your child has an unusually high or low activity level
  • Your child flits from one activity to another
  • Your child is overly sensitive to touch
  • Your gut tells you something is not quite right!

Confidentiality Notice

All information and documentation shared with the Child Development is kept completely confidential, including applications and referrals.